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IPONY情人节特别活动有专业教练指导的试骑体验,对美食深谙的骑域五星级大厨,凭借自己对美食的苛刻追求与对爱情理解,特别推出了骑域Cookie studio的第一期活动《 DIY瑞士纯手工巧克力》。精巧的手工艺吸引了孩子们强大的好奇心。

骑域Cookie Studio是骑域国际青少年骑士院亦庄俱乐部,于今年推出的第一个生活类课程。旨在丰富骑域小骑士们的综合素养,提高小朋友的动手能力;为前来陪伴孩子的爸爸妈妈们提供一个学习休闲、娱乐分享的轻松课堂。骑域Cookie Studio除常规的西点烘焙课程外,还会不定期的推出各类特别活动,邀请家庭成员们一同参与。在忙碌的工作之余、繁重的课业之外,增加一些亲子间的互动与沟通。
骑域马术是距离东三环公里数最近,交通最便利的地方,如果您家住国贸、方庄、通州均可在三十分钟内左右到达,欢迎提前预约试骑体验课程,预约电话:010-5095 1388


IPONY Valentine’s day equestrianism experience event has rounded off today. Ponys, flowers, and chocolates, all the elements were meeting in IPONY to become a piece of memory for this lovely day.


The event, IPONY provided equestrianism experiences with professional coaches, and DIY hand make Switzerland Chocolate tutorial with IPONY five star Pastry Chef.


IPONY Cookie Studio is the first life style product from IPONY International Youth Cavaliers Academy Yizhuang Club. The studio aims on providing a kind of communication channels for families. Children and parents can learn the process on making cookies and desserts here. IPONY Cookie Studio will provide adults baking class regularly. This will be a great place for baking fans and accompanying parents.


25 IPONY member families had joined in IPONY Valentine’sday equestrianism experience event. Children loves Ponys. Riding experience is still the hottest program. IPONY Academy would love to keep company with all the little cavaliers during their growing times.


For experience appointment, please call IPONY hotline: 010-5095 1388.


首家. 北京亦庄骑士院


联系电话:010-5095 1388



First Cavaliers Academy of IPONY
Add: No.8, Boda Street,South Bridge Shibalidian, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Hotline:010-5095 1388


Where children can go beyond themselves!


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